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X-Fonter Version 10.0.0

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X-Fonter - Eine Software zum Verwalten der Schriftarten, die Ihnen auch eine Vorschau der installierten Schriftarten anzeigt

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Have a lot of fonts in your system and want to manage them better? X-Fonter is a font manager that’s designed to be easy of use, allowing you complete control over the installed fonts, while adding, and deleting some of them as preferred. With thousands of fonts, organizing them is also possible with X Fonter.
With an intuitive user interface, you can see at a glance what fonts you need and what you don’t. With its split screen view, you can compare and contrast fonts side by side. This is an easy way to differentiate whether you have duplicate fonts installed.
The main Windows Font folder takes a long time to preview all the fonts as it loads them all to memory. X Fonter by comparison is lightweight, loading fonts on demand and in a clear and legible way.
With a ‘Character Search’ feature, you can see if a particular font offers that character or not.
One of the most unique features is the inclusion of the HTML-optimised font book, making it easier for you to share your font collection with anyone. All it takes is a web browser.
The user interface is made for easy access to functions, leaving you to avoid clutter and extraneous options until you need them. TrueType, OpenType, Postscript Type 1, Raster and Vector fonts are all fully supported by X-Fonter, ensuring that you never miss out on an installed font.


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